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About Mobitech

Mobitech is a renowned and trusted company that specializes in the sale of used and refurbished screenprinting and dry-offset printing machinery. With a rich history of delivering high-quality equipment and services, Mobitech has become a specialist in the printing machinery industry, providing  printing solutions for businesses across various sectors. 

Founded by Bernd Neuhaus and now led by his son, Uwe Neuhaus, Mobitech has consistently upheld its commitment to excellence and service.

Uwe Neuhaus took over the reins of the company, ensuring that Mobitech’s legacy of reliability and customer satisfaction would continue.

In addition to his expertise in printing machinery, Uwe also excels in the field of plastic cup and packaging printing. Mobitech, for several years now, partners with the dutch company Népomuc Cup Printing. 

Who we are

Bernd Neuhaus - Mobitech

Bernd Neuhaus, retired founder

Uwe Neuhaus, CEO